Here are some of the kind things people have said about Konch Training.

I attended one of Anita's personal development programme, and it was an eye opener. The content delivered was so motivational that I decided on that very day to do something about my life. Following the seminar, I have written my book, something I wanted to do for a long time. My life has changed dramatically, and I am still motivated to do more.

– Mary Kazangarare

I have never been the same again after attending your workshops. It was a lightbulb moment. I had a lot of business ideas in the past, and yes, they were only ideas until you made me realise that a grain will remain a dead seed until you plant it in order to produce a harvest.  After the workshop, I found new ways of developing myself and increasing my income. I am now confident and joining network marketing in holiday packages and property. I now intend to write a book.  Thank you so much. Now my ideas are not just ideas but are followed by actions.

– Maria Mamabolo

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